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What is LEO

LEO is a business concept created by Dan Andersson and Atif Kamran, launched on 20/12, 2012. LEO stands for Learning Enterprises Organisation Ltd, a UK company, and also is the abbreviation of the company's mantra Learn Earn Own.

LEO has strong subsidiaries in eight countries. One of the key subsidiaries is a UAE company providing training and education online in Dubai.

When people learn about LEO and explore it deeply, peeling back layer after layer, they see that the business vision of this company is true and deep, it is about adding value, not taking away.

"Our vision is about teaching people, about facilitating someone learning to be an entrepreneur in the truest sense of the word," says Dan. "In a world full of pitch and exaggeration, where we all know someone who has fallen victim of a scam, we have built and continue to build LEO to be transparent and something you can be proud to be a part of.

LEO Products

LEO's product is entrepreneurship training in all shapes and forms. The company sells eLearning, live trainings at LEO Events or Webinars, as well as state of the art technology products such as smartphones and tablets.

"One of our most popular products is the LFON," said Atif on a recent training Webinar. "It is constantly updated, using the latest android platform, comes pre-loaded with training and videos, and is a great way for our customers to participate in our trainings on the fly, waiting in a line somewhere, sitting on a bus or train, even on a long haul flight!"

LEO Direct Selling

LEO's marketing plan is an innovative mix of affiliate marketing and Direct Selling mechanics. Associates of LEO become brand devotees and champions, promoting LEO's products and business model, while earning substantially in the process.

"I love the dynamics of Direct Selling and Network Marketing," Dan Andersson explains. "It can do so much good, for a person, a family, or a nation, but the problem is that it can be hard for people to discern the difference between a real opportunity and a scam. I have been in this industry since 1989 and I have seen it all. I worked in a Chinese Multinational and saw first hand the emergence of Network Marketing in China. The Good, the Bad and the Ugly. Everything from genuine opportunity, a company dedicated to adding value to a tricky pyramid scam and nasty money game. For the sceptical and intelligent it can be very difficult to sort the real businesses from the short-term games and scams – how can you tell the difference?"

"The fundamental differences amount to the answers to these questions; does the company market real products and do they have a sustainable business plan? Another key question is, are the people behind it trustworthy professional business people or are they scammers? And finally, is the company operating in a legal and compliant way? Are they a member of the Direct Selling Association? Are their Terms and Conditions sound and legitimate?"

LEO Support

LEO is capitalising on one of the greatest trends out there which is education online. But if you are starting an online business in the UK or are starting an online business in China, this is not easy to do for a private individual. Where LEO has gained such rapid growth, helping people make a significant LEO income, is that they support a private person and provide him a platform with which he can build an international business.

The back office is seamless and powerfully scalable, translated into twelve languages. LEO TV is an amazing resource filled with hundreds of marketing and training videos to help the LEO member sell and recruit. The LEO Income Plan is fair, transparent and powerful. The company organises Training Events, some as Products and some to help members build their business – the latter are completely free of charge.

"We are the opposite of a scam," explained Atif Kamran. "A scam is designed to take your money and run. LEO invests in you, helps and supports your development and growth, and does everything in our power to help you make money. How? By marketing products and teaching others to do the same. Everything we do is for the long term -- you can see for yourself the investment LEO makes in creating infra-structure, platform, product and supplier relationships."

LEO Ownership

One clear sign of Dan Andersson's and Atif Kamran's long term aspirations for LEO is the LEO Ownership programme they have created. This is innovation never seen before in Network Marketing and Direct Selling. Associates can opt in, if they choose, to participate in projects in the property development sector. So not just LEO earning but LEO owning.

"We realised that one of the things that entrepreneurs and sales people are bad at is managing their money," Dan Andersson explains. "One of the outcomes of this is that some of our most popular trainings are money management and finances, but the other was our realisation that making money is not enough. Sales people on commission can make tons of money. But usually they are pretty bad at holding on to it. And investing it and gaining a return on investment, well, that usually is a great intention that never quite happens."

LEO, as a company dedicated to entrepreneurship training, decided that one of the things it had to do was demonstrate entrepreneurship in everything it does. Including diversifying its business interests into property development. And through crowd sourcing and micro funding dynamics the associates of LEO can participate.

"Since we started in 2012," Dan says, "we have purchased property in Minorca Spain, have acquired a high end land bank in Portugal on which we are developing what can only be described as James Bond villas – these are so high end on such an epic seafront situation, I don't even know where to begin!"

The Hero project for LEO Tower AG, the German company created for the property division, is the construction of LEO Tower, a 60 storey tower, mixed commercial and residential, to be completed in 2016 in Dubai UAE. With LEO Tower 2 in process to be constructed in Shanghai China.

LEO coin or LEOcoin

The final piece of the LEO puzzle is the launch in June 2014 in Dubai UAE of LEOcoin. This is a cryptocurrency that is inspired by the success and notoriety gained by Bitcoin since its creation in 2009. The advantages of anonymity, security and user friendliness of a decentralised currency are nothing short of revolutionary and many experts are predicting that bitcoin and cryptocurrencies are set to become our generation's ultimate disruptive technology.

"We studied Bitcoin, saw its strengths and weaknesses, and launched LEOcoin on the shoulders of its achievements, while improving on just about every aspect of it," Dan says. "But we also have a unique platform on to which we can launch LEOcoin – our Associates and the Global network of real people in the real world that are part of LEO. When Bitcoin launched it was to a few tech-heads and computer enthusiasts. When LEO launched it was to over 40,000 members, all aspiring to be entrepreneurs, all with passion and energy, all devoted to LEO and our vision. LEOcoin has legs on the ground, champions who will fight for the virtual currency, who will recruit outlets and merchants accepting LEOcoin for purchases of goods and services, both online and offline. Soon the little sticker in the windows and on the cash-tills saying ‘LEOcoin Accepted Here' will become a Global phenomena."

And, as many online LEO reviews are starting to say, LEO is also becoming a Global phenomenon and a business opportunity second to none.